Get Free Games or a Huge Bonus at Roxy Palace Online Casino

Unlocking the achievements below will award you with either 20 free games, 200 free games or the full £2,500 leaderboard bonus


Unlock this achievement for 20 Free Spins. To unlock this achievement, all 3 winning combinations for the symbol must be achieved.

Unlock this achievement for 200 Free Spins. To unlock this achievement all 3 winning combinations for this symbol must be achieved.

All achievements Unlocked!

Be the first to unlock every achievement before 14th November and gobble the whole £2,500!
To unlock this achievement, all 3 winning combinations for all symbols must be achieved.

Want to learn more about achievements? Read the DragonZ achievements guide
DragonZ Leaderboard

Our Dragonz leaderboard boasts a huge prize fund of £2,500 in casino bonuses. Based on your number of spins – not wagering,
this exciting format isn’t just rewarding the players who have the biggest bankroll. Sounds easy doesn’t it?
Not quite, one lucky player could take the whole pot!

If a player manages to unlock all of the achievements during the promotion they win the whole £2,500 prize pool and every other player will be left with nothing.
This only applies to the first person to unlock them though – so get spinning!
You can check your progress on the DragonZ Leaderboard below, it updates every 15 minutes:

DragonZ achievements – Get Free Spins or a huge Bonus!

Unlocking the achievements below awards you with either 20 free spins, 200 free spins or the full £2,500 bonus (if you’re the first player).
Track your progress on the achievements Pay table by clicking the “PAYS” arrow, located at the top right corner within the game.

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