Monday Madness At Zingo Bingo

Have you ever won a one-line game and then missed out on the
bigger prize of a Full House?

Do you then think ‘I wish my prize was the big one?”

Well here at Zingo Bingo, we’ve got a great fun Zingtastic twist for you.

Every Monday between 4.00pm – 7.00pm in the Lucky Stars room we swap the prizes around Continue reading

Win up to £20,000 every day playing Linked Games At Caesars Bingo

Caesars Bingo got thousands of pounds in cash to give away with our Guaranteed Linked Games!

Simply join us in Jupiter between 8am and 11pm every day and play one of our 13 Linked Games, now with up to a huge £20,000 to be won!

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No Limits Bingo At Lucky Pants Bingo

Lucky Pants introduces… No Limits Bingo!

No Limits Bingo appears to be a normal bingo game. The pot grows according to how many cards are purchased just like our other games – but there’s a twist!

This clever little game has an extra long buy time so unlike the normal pot games, this pot will continue to grow and grow until the game plays. Unlike Prebuy games where the prize is fixed regardless of the number of players, No Limits Bingo allows the pot to grow as big as the number of players who are trying to win it… there really are No Limits!
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